BLUR Workshop was created with purpose.  Even the name reflects our vision.  We believe great hospitality environments blend exterior and interior, architecture and interior design.  We think this notion is even more important in making a great resort.  It is this blurring of disciplines that truly represents the way we approach our design process.  The Workshop portion of our name comes from a desire to have a more hands-on design process in which models and mockups become even more integral to our detailed and thoughtful design process. 



BLUR Workshop is a design firm comprised of a team of energetic and capable professionals that have worked together continuously for the last 24 years.   Our team offers full professional design services for both Hospitality Interior Design and Hospitality Architecture.  These services are led by industry veterans Liz Neiswander, Foreman Rogers, Scott Sickeler, Peter Green and Scott Morris.  BLUR Workshop emerged from the well-respected firm, tvsdesign, where Liz Neiswander and Scott Sickeler were both Principals and led the firm’s Hospitality Interior Design and Hospitality Architecture practices.

Scott Sickeler, AIA, leads BLUR Workshop’s Hospitality Architecture Practice. Scott has 35 years of experience and has been the lead designer, the Principal in Charge and the Architect of Record for projects internationally and across North America. Working with Scott are his key teammates from the last 20 and 27 years respectfully, Scott Morris and Peter Green. Together the three of them have been instrumental in the design of $2.84 Billion and 11,100,000 square feet of constructed, award-winning work, delivered in budget and on time without a claim. Successfully completed projects of this magnitude require a collaboration among many firms and individuals, but our team members represent the core leadership of the projects in which we have been involved and which we have included in the attached experience section of this qualification package.

Recent important architectural projects include a ground up 262 key Virgin Hotel in Nashville, Soundwaves a recently opened 100,000 SF indoor and outdoor water park, a recently opened 320,000 SF expansion of guestroom, meeting and ballroom facilities for a 5-star resort in Texas, the design of an exclusive, confidential Caribbean resort, a 35 story hotel tower in Miami, and multiple million SF master plan mixed use place making commissions.

Liz Neiswander, AIA, leads BLUR Workshop’s Hospitality Interior Design practice. With 30 years of experience, Liz has been the design lead on millions of square feet of hospitality and convention center interior designs. Foreman Rogers is one of the key leaders working with Liz in the hospitality interiors practice. Although their focus is interior design, their architectural education gives both Liz and Foreman the background to be a strong influence on the total guest experience, from architecture, to interior design to landscape design. A third key leader in the practice is Lucinda Aron. She brings a creative and insightful approach to design that makes all of her work unique. Together Liz, Foreman and Lucinda have won design awards for virtually every design they have done and been published in Hospitality Design magazine for three of their recent projects. These design accomplishments have been done with a focus on value to the client and satisfaction for the guest. As with Scott and his Architecture team, Liz and her team enjoy long term relationships with clients that are a result of both her team’s compelling design and the thoughtfulness of the solutions.

Important Interior Design commissions include the above-mentioned Caribbean resort, a full renovation of Chateau Elan in Georgia, a technologically groundbreaking children’s playspace in Atlanta, and the recently completed renovation of the famous Ballantyne hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina.