Nate Johnson

Nate adds great value to BLUR with an interesting juxtaposition of talents. He is an experienced architect, having worked on a wide variety of project types. While his primary career focus has been in hospitality, he has experience with a broad range of other project types, including residential, retail, performing arts, mixed used facilities, and places of worship. Nate embodies a rare combination of technological expertise, outstanding design ability, and a passion for craftsmanship and the art of “making”.

He is a leading specialist in Building Information Modeling (BIM), having consulted with many design firms, contractors, engineers, and owners on strategy and implementation. Together with many of the top industry BIM leaders in the southeast, Nate helped establish the South East BIM Roundtable in 2012. While at tvsdesign, he led the modeling of some of the largest and most complex buildings in the world, including an 8 million square foot mixed use development in India and a 2 million square foot, 2000 key Gaylord Convention hotel in Colorado. At present, Nate is the BIM manager for the design and documentation of the future largest hotel in the world at over 5 million square feet and 6000 keys.

 Nate is also a skilled craftsman and furniture builder, having built many individual and production pieces over the past 15+ years.  This transitions to his architectural practice through a greater appreciation of detail and craft.  Ultimately, what’s important to Nate is the elegance of how design elements come together, whether that occurs in building components, technology infrastructure, or a hand-crafted piece of furniture.

photography by Raftermen