Max was one of the first BLUR employees, when the firm was founded in 2014. During the firm’s initial years Max worked on multiple projects including the Gaylord National Riverview Ballroom and Soundwaves at Gaylord Opryland. He had the opportunity to participate in the 2016 Atlanta Bridgescape Competition led by Midtown Alliance where he and his partner, Luke Kvasnicka, took first place and received an AIA Design Award for their proposal entitled (Sin)uosity.In 2016 Max left BLUR to pursue his Masters in Architecture at the University of Michigan.

During his time in Michigan, he was drawn to the fabrication lab where he experimented with innovative processes of making and material usage. Extensive experience in the lab enabled Max to work on multiple research projects using a variety of CNC machines, printing methods, and robotics. For his final thesis project, entitled Domestic Fragments, Max and his partner built half scale prototypes for renovating houses using a modernized kit of part methods. Max’s focus on making and fabrication during his time in school gives him a unique perspective on the possibilities of new manufacturing methods and translating them into construction.

While Max’s education was more technically oriented, he also has experience in more traditional methods of making from his time at Synecdoche Design, a design/make architecture studio based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where he worked after graduate school. From large scale bar and restaurant build-outs to furniture and small objects, Max gained valuable experience translating design ideas into reality while overseeing the entire process. This level of awareness has given him a keen eye for project constraints and an ability to articulate opportunities to enhance subsequent investigations.

Transitioning back to BLUR, Max brings a new set of skills and the versatility to translate between a variety of scales. He also brings a sensitivity to design and a proficiency in multiple software platforms that will help the firm expand their exploration of design options.

photography by Raftermen