Liz Neiswander

Over the past decade, Liz has led a hospitality interiors practice that has produced award-winning design, received national acclaim, and become the trusted design partner of numerous clients.  She formed the hospitality interiors studio at tvsdesign after becoming known in the industry for bringing hospitality-quality interior design and finishes to large, public assembly projects.  The industry has recognized the special quality of these designs, and has lauded her work with multiple national design awards.

At present, she is bringing her full experience to bear as she leads the hospitality interiors practice at BLUR Workshop.  Liz holds both architectural registration and NCIDQ certification, and has an uncanny ability to merge both architecture and interior design in a way that optimizes both.  She is able to blend the traditional lines between the disciplines to complement form and function with finishes and furnishings.  While generating compelling design concepts is second nature to Liz, her remarkable attention to detail, consistent ability to deliver cohesive documentation, and strong sense of collaboration have resulted in a career of successful projects.

Liz’s grasp of scale and detail allows her to create and execute designs for any space, whether large or small.  Under her guidance, we work with our clients with an inventive and collaborative spirit to achieve their business objectives.  Liz has cultivated a practice that is committed to excellence in design and service, from the first concept sketch to the last stitch.


photography by Raftermen