isabella lee

Before getting into interior design, Isabella pursued her dream as a fine artist.  During this time Isabella learned that "creativity is dependent upon things that exist outside of the self" - discovering that artists do not simply create their works from scratch, but instead take from various aspects of the world.  They are creative because they can compose different mediums and concepts together through their experience.

Joining BLUR Workshop in 2016, Isabella brings these concepts to bear in all that she touches.  She is a talented designer, able to move seamlessly from project to project while mixing various aesthetic styles in surprising ways.   Her project work spans the globe including the United States, Europe, Middle East and Asia.  Whether working on concept design or final specifications, Isabella’s poise and commitment to excellence compliment her natural design talents.

Isabella spent her childhood in Korea and youth in Toronto before moving to the United States. Living in three countries gave her a unique cultural experience and shaped her into the multi-faceted designer she is today.