roberto bucheli miranda

Roberto joined BLUR Workshop in the summer for 2018 and is originally from Quito, Ecuador. He also serves as a part-time instructor in the school of architecture at Georgia Institute of Technology, co-teaching a Core1 Studio for incoming graduate students and a Media and Modeling class. His previous professional background includes experience at a design-build architecture firm that specialized on residential projects. There Roberto gained experience in design, project management and construction administration.

As part of his academic training, he worked as a shop assistant in the Digital Fabrication Laboratory at Georgia Tech which gave him a greater understanding on cutting-edge fabrication techniques, material properties and constructability of complex assemblies. A couple of Roberto’s notable built projects include a Custom Cast Glass Brick Façade Wall which is LED Programmable and remotely controlled, along with a Moiré Pinup Wall which visually reacts to the movement of persons walking by; both of them permanently installed in the Hinman Research Building at Georgia Tech.

Roberto is a strong believer in the power of collaboration in order to achieve evocative architecture and quality spaces that improve the daily life of people. His strong technical expertise is complimented by an ability to not lose sight of the overall design concept, resulting in work that is innovative, cohesive and memorable.



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photography by Raftermen