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nicole lewis

Nicole is a recent graduate of the University of Florida’s Interior Design Program.  During her academic career, she went beyond the traditional classroom setting by helping design a lecture hall and new student union at the university’s law school.   Nicole pulled from her interest in research-based design and desire to improve the quality of student experience to develop a “flipped classroom” that fosters collaboration through student-to-student learning.  She worked in close collaboration with a local architecture firm throughout the entire design process in order to successfully complete the renovations.  Nicole also spent two months traveling across the US, hiking in National Parks, and exploring design-influenced cities in order to gain inspiration for future projects.  She is passionate about hospitality design, as she is able to use her creativity to better the lives of others through unique design and enhanced guest experience.
Nicole started her design career in the higher-education department at Perkins + Will in Atlanta.  There she worked on a new ground-up physics building for Auburn University, where she helped generate a creative design using physics formulas in a clever manner to create a focal point and inspire students.  She also worked on a new building for Georgia State University where she created a distinctive, custom carpet pattern to flow across thousands of square feet of offices and graduate student study
Recently Nicole has been working with the BLUR Workshop team to produce a sophisticated and timeless design for a famous local hotel.  Nicole is a great collaborator and colleague who constantly strives to deliver the best possible design and exceed the expectations of her clients.

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photography by Raftermen