Natalie Imran

Natalie is a young and gifted designer who sees architecture as a way of uplifting human experience. Graduating with a Master of Architecture from Savannah College of Art and Design, Natalie spent time studying the various ways that design creates meaning in our lives. Her thesis research, which dealt with the use of architecture as a layering of memory and experience, was recognized by awards from SCAD, the AIA, and a design magazine which will be publishing her work this January.

In order to better understand how architecture enriches everyday life, Natalie has found a love for travel, and is always seeking new cultural experiences—from taking drawing courses in Hong Kong, to working at design firms both locally and overseas. In New York City, Miami, and Sydney, Australia, she has worked professionally a variety of projects, focusing primarily on hospitality and high-end residential design. Thinking about the human experience in relation to our future, Natalie also worked on a sustainable urbanism project in Australia, where she explored methods of innovative and adaptable living.

At BLUR Workshop, Natalie has quickly sought out opportunities to grow as a designer and find solutions that directly impact our daily lived experiences. Taking the initiative to join in a collaborative community project, she helped develop a net-zero classroom proposal, which would provide programs to Atlanta's under served urban communities. Understanding that architecture enriches our lives and creates memorable experience, Natalie continues to test new ways of thinking and explore the potential of design. 


photography by Raftermen