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Matt Peterka

Matt joined BLUR Workshop in the spring of 2018. He holds a Master of Architecture and a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology. Prior to joining the field of architecture, he worked as a renewable energies project management consultant, firmly establishing his beliefs in the importance of a sustainable future for the world. His engineering background also gives him additional knowledge and unique perspective on the MEP and structural design of projects. Before joining BLUR, he was with a design/build high end modern housing firm, gaining on-site experience in troubleshooting challenges and keeping projects on track.

Matt’s passion for design lies in storytelling, creating memories, and how people experience architecture. He has a deep interest in the play of light and shadow, with emphasis on using natural light to express the most in materials and spaces. His unique combination of technical and design backgrounds gives him the ability to balance the challenges of complex buildings while maintaining a memorable and successful design.

Currently, Matt is a key team member on a renovation of the historic Hyatt Regency Atlanta, involving over 25 different room types. He was also a key team member on the Gaylord Palms Expansion that is currently under construction.

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photography by Raftermen