MAnila bui

As a budding designer, Manila brings her curious nature to Blur Workshop. She was drawn to the workshop culture for its experimental design approach. During school at the University of Tennessee, Manila always enjoyed the hands-on portions of design. Seeing tangible results of her labors of love made the design process that much sweeter.

Always on the lookout for learning opportunities, she interned abroad in Dublin, Ireland for a couple of months after her second year of school. In her travels throughout Ireland as well as Norway that summer, she was able to gain a broader perspective on design and find new inspiration. For her next internship during the following summer, she chose to intern in Los Angeles with ZGF Architects. There, she was thoroughly integrated into the project and quickly became a valuable part of the interiors team.

Manila is glad to be part of a forward-thinking firm that embraces new technologies and encourages creative thought. She will continue to develop her creativity outside of the firm through her travels and personal projects.

photography by Raftermen