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kelsey lanier

Kelsey joins BLUR Workshop after having recently graduated from the University of Florida’s Interior Design Program. Distinguishing herself amongst her peers, she was selected to work on a two-million-dollar renovation of the University’s Law School, providing real world experience that is uncommon in an academic setting.  After graduation, she moved to Dallas, Texas to pursue her interest in residential design at Pulp Design Studios.  There, Kelsey had the chance to experience the success of a small firm and gain understanding of the professional world all while working on several high-end, single family homes.

When the opportunity to move to Atlanta opened up in 2018, Kelsey joined the BLUR Workshop team to bolster her interest in hospitality. Kelsey’s experience with residential design translates very well into BLUR Workshop’s work and gives her a unique perspective that lends variety and new ideas. Currently she is working on the expansion of the Gaylord Palms Hotel in Kissimmee, Florida.  As a ninth generation Florida native, her local perspective and design knowledge have helped define the hotel’s authentic Floridian character.   

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photography by Raftermen