julia mcclintic

Julia is a recent graduate of the University of Tennessee’s College of Architecture & Design Program who began her work experience in Nashville, TN. In Nashville she fell in love with country music and dabbled in Senior Living renovations. Julia is interested in hospitality as well as sustainable design and has attended conferences in Charlotte, NC, Nashville, TN, and Portland, OR to deepen her understanding of these concepts.

Julia finds order in the patterns of design and researches trends in music, fashion, and architecture to create innovative spaces. She seeks the best solution and discovers the reason behind why it works.

Julia expresses creativity using her hands whether it is playing Vince Guaraldi’s Linus and Lucy on the piano or baking an upside down German Chocolate cake to enjoy with others. She is a detail oriented team player whose goal is always to exceed expectations and finish the job in a way that is pleasing to the client.


photography by Raftermen