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Juan Felipe Diaz

Felipe joined BLUR Workshop having recently graduating with a Master of Architecture from the University of Florida. His academic career was dedicated to research in repurposing materials for architectural applications. Seeing the potential in items typically bound for the junkyard, he sought to reveal their potential future life at all different scales; from small details to a complete tectonic construct of a wall. Noting the considerable time and energy it takes to “recycle” something in the traditional sense, Felipe prefers the idea of finding an object from its original purpose, like the chassis of a car, and use it as structural element in an architectural construct, such as a pavilion. In this manner the original use and memory of the object remain intact, resulting in a design that is not only sustainable but also creates a memorable narrative.

Currently, Felipe was a key team member on a 380,000 square foot addition to the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention hotel, featuring 304 guestrooms, 60,000 square feet of meeting space and a 50,000 square foot resort court. He also was part of the renovation of Villa de Flora restaurant at the same property.

Currently, Felipe is part of the design team for a confidential hotel at the base of the Rockies in Colorado. The unique project consists of 10-acre site and a 4-star upscale hotel and conference center.

photography by Raftermen