david moore

David brings a unique blend of education and experiences to BLUR Workshop.  He comes to us from Volkan Alkanoglu Design where he served as a project leader and installation administrator.   He holds a Master of Architecture from Georgia Tech, is well travelled and has worked on projects in numerous countries. His background in public and installation art has given him an acute sensitivity to detail and material technique, resulting in designs that are stunning while still maintaining constructability.  A few of David’s more interesting and notable projects include a series of sculpture installations in Atlanta, Denver, and San Diego as well as a Children’s Theater in Cape Town, South Africa and Master Planning and shelter concept design for a refugee camp in Iraq.  These projects demonstrate David’s commitment to human-focused design while coordinating with teams worldwide.  

Currently at BLUR Workshop, David is an integral part of the Virgin Hotel Nashville team.  His propensity for all things technical and attention to detail have him working on some of the building’s most complex components.   Whether it’s a refined monumental stair detail or an infinity rooftop pool, David’s tenacity and expertise ensure that everything he touches is a success.

David is also a founding board member of Atlanta non-profit The Pillyr Foundation where he works as the installations coordinator building urbanism and public art projects around the city of Atlanta.

photography by Raftermen