Clay Kiningham

Clay joined BLUR Workshop this summer as an intern after spending the academic year at Georgia Tech, where he is currently working on a Master of Architecture degree. During the past semester, Clay competed with his classmates in the Portman Prize competition, and won the first-place award for designing a timber apartment tower with an emphasis on environmental sustainability and the local community in South Boston. Being in the late stages of his academic career, Clay has also gained a wide variety of experience at local architecture offices around Atlanta. Having a continual desire to draw inspiration from various built environments in other countries, Clay frequently travels overseas to take in different places through on-location sketching. He spent last summer traveling through Greece and working on the Greek Island of Samothrace, where he was an architectural draftsman, working with the archaeological team to build digital reconstructions of ancient buildings based on key details found in the field. This summer at BLUR, Clay is currently working with a team on a project in Miami, and has constructed physical models of existing site conditions and conceptual massings. Clay is looking forward to his summer at BLUR and excited continue building models and embracing the workshop aspect of the firm through continual fabrication.