Ashley Beckler

Ashley joins the Blur Workshop team after recently graduating Summa Cum Laude from The University of Alabama’s Interior Design program in 2019. Ashley originally studied marketing, later shifting her major to her true passion of interior design. Her previous studies immediately drew her to the hospitality industry and cultivated an interest in how branding and marketing intertwine with the design of a space. Ashley was able to delve into these ideas throughout her college career and during an internship where she worked with both interior design and branding teams. She served as an ambassador and leader for her college representing students during university functions and was awarded the most outstanding senior, in her final year at school.

Ashley was a classically trained dancer for fourteen years which gave her a unique understanding of how lines and movement translate visually from a very early age. She sees the spaces she designs in a similar capacity and is attracted to how the elements of a space create an atmosphere and affect a user’s behavior. Ashley is excited to explore her interests and grow as a young designer alongside the team at BLUR Workshop.